Changing your hairstyle/colour?

Postet av Adam og Eva Trondheim den 26. Mai 2014

Thinking of having a change of style?
Booked an appointment at your nearest Adam og Eva Salon?
Preparation is KEY...

Its one week till you visit your hairdresser for a change of haircut, colour, or both!

Preparation for your salon visit is paramount.  I advise you to begin researching on the internet/magazines to gain inspiration on hairstyles and colours you believe will suit you and will be achievable. Look on sites such as;


At Adam og Eva all appointments include the crucial consultation time where we can sit down and discuss ideas and possibilities for your hair as an individual. 

Bring your own research, Magazine clippings, print outs from webpages, pictures saved to your mobile etc.... believe it or not most hairdressers like clients to bring their ideas and photographs.  We then discuss what we believe to be achievable with your hair type and hair condition, sense of style, face shape, etc....  If you are going for a big change in colour we recommend to come for a pre-consultation before you make your appointment to make sure the correct amount of time is allocated to you to achieve the desired result. 

Step out of your box, step out of the crowd, go for a complete hair make over and you will feel inspired to change your clothing style, your make up routine etc... you wont regret it!

Bestill Frisørtime Hos Mark her.
(or come by the salon for a chat to discuss possibilities!)

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