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Autumn/Høst 2014

Postet av Amin Cadie den 2. Okt 2014

    Autumn is a colourful time of year: and it's during this season that I start to change the colour on my clients' hair after the summer sun does its work.
    I really like using the foil highlighting technique as the results can look very natural. To achieve this result, I use a fine weaving method, and leave a fine section in between the placed packets. It is also important to ensure the colour is applied as close to the roots as possible without any "colour-bleeding". I place almost the same amount of packets in half a head of highlights as a standard full head!!
    For the light colour: I like to use high-lift colours as they produce a nice stable tone, and are gentle on the hair. Often the second colour which is applied every secondary/tertiary section will contain shades close to the natural hair with an enhanced tone of the clients choice: for example - caramel, mocha or cold tones.
   Providing there is no previous home colouring on the hair which needs to be removed: I avoid using bleach as I find it unstable for the results I wish to achieve.
   Over the 10 years of my career; my clients have been very impressed with the results, and have reported back that it took a long time before any sign of re-growth (ettervekst) appeared, and eventually there was no hard line as the hair grew out.
   For maintainence of after sun hair colour, I like to balance out the tones by using transparent colours to maintain a depth in colour while maintaining a natural look.

  - Bestill time hos Amin på Adam og Eva Verftet: 
    +47 7351780


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